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EMUs – Easy Money Units

Easy Money Units by Paul Greenleaf
Easy Money Units image by Paul Greenleaf


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Easy Money Units or EMUs were first used in a story by Geoff Davis published in the UK in 1997 in the book Em One, which featured stories by Hanif Kureishi and many others. It also came with a cassette of new bands and poetry. (Em Fiction, ed. Karl Sinfield, London, United Kingdom, ISSN 1366-3755).

The full EMU-featuring novella ‘Death in the Bubble World’ was serialised in each of the three Ems that came out from 1997-2000.

Easy Money Units are used for payments in the fictional universe of the Bubble World.

Easy Money Units are the first published instance of a cryptocurrency.

Easy Money Units, known as EMUs, were used for all transactions, mainly money and data. EMUs handled the processing of transactions from the stores of value for blood, data, sperm, money, etc. The controlling AI was called ‘Mr Banks’.

They could be stored in special bags (wallets), which could be degraded (hacked). In the story the bags are attacked and EMUs stolen by members of the Gunn Family, who are AIs programmed to feel guilt when they shoot.

The Bubble World story addresses the complications that arise when transactions are not honoured, or are converted to the advantage of larger players or aggregators.

An infographic will be appearing here shortly.

A novel exploring Universal Basic Income UBI and Geoff’s electronic currency Easy Money Units EMUs is to be published online very soon. Visit Author Geoff Davis website to sign up for alerts etc.

Please see my new site Micro Arts Group for computer art and story generators from the 1980s. The top image on this site is from that.

An online multimedia piece was displayed during the publication, designed by Paul Greenleaf. The two illustrations shown here are from that. The Em book cover here was designed by Charlie Mitchell, who also did 3D and print illustrations for the story.

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